Small Talk - discussing nanotechnologies

About the project

Small Talk is a collaboration exploring the aspirations and concerns of scientists and the public about nanotechnologies, as well as sharing these views with policymakers.

Small Talk aims to provide coherence to a range of activities around the UK focused on discussing nanotechnologies with the public and scientists, helping the science community, science communicators and policymakers to learn more about these views and about the process of working together to gather these views.

The challenge

Recent public debates on issues such as GM have taught us that scientists and society should engage in dialogue sooner rather than later if we are to build a climate of trust and openness and develop robust policmaking. This is the challenge for nanotechnologies.

Our main objectives are:

The project team consists of:

Project Director: Melanie Smallman, Think-Lab
Project Manager: Adam Nieman, Think-Lab
Evaluator: Laura Grant, University of Liverpool

Steering Group:

Alice Taylor-Gee, The BA
Gail Cardew, The Royal Institution
Melanie Quin, ECSITE-UK
Kathy Sykes, University of Bristol, Cheltenham Festival of Science

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